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Woocommerce CRM Integration Simple Reasons You Must Examine

Woocommerce CRM Integration Simple Reasons You Must Examine

by Konstantinos M.February 19, 2017

Customer relationship management (CRM) is an integral component of running a successful business. With modern technology, it has never been easier to give yourself a massive edge in the online retail space, and WooCommerce is an excellent starting point due to a variety of available options and simplicity of integration.

Benefits of WooCommerce CRM Integration

The most important thing to remember is that customers are the heart of any business. Without them a business will fade into obscurity, never to be heard from again. This means it’s crucial to have continuous monitoring of the “health” of your customer base. Are your customers returning? Are you presenting to right offers to the right customers? These are just some of the questions you need to answer to remain as efficient and profitable as possible.

Collect and Analyze Customer Data – When running an online store, it’s much more difficult to connect with your customers on a personal level. All you have to work with is raw data, and CRM systems collect that data and organize it in such a way that it can be easily retrieved and used for future advertising or even to send communications based on a predetermined set of criteria (sending emails to customers who have been inactive for a while, for example).

Most CRM software also tracks social media engagement allowing you to easily see which customers are most active on your various social media accounts. This helps you to determine which posts lead to sales and also which customers are prime for retargeting based on their engagement combined with purchase history.

Simplified and Automated Advertising – Some CRM software includes built-in advertising features that can be configured to be shown only to the customers you want to see them. One of these features is the integration of on-site pop-ups.

Maybe you have a customer who buys a lot of the same type of product. In this case, you can set a pop-up to display during their next visit with a coupon code for them to use. This increases your chance of closing a sale and perhaps even turns a small sale into a larger one since the customer wants to take full advantage of the discount.

It gets even better. Being able to sort customer data for emailing is great, but with WooCommerce CRM integration even that can be automated. Set your software to send out offers to customers who haven’t visited in a month, 3 months, a year, whatever you want. Having a sale on one of your products? Send an email to all previous buyers of that item effortlessly.

Top Pick for WooCommerce CRM Integration

Agile CRM is an excellent choice for any online business owner who wants to get ahead but doesn’t have a lot of time to sift through data and manually send promotions to customers. The automation is by far the main advantage of Agile and it even offers a free version. It doesn’t get much better than that.


If you’re serious about wanting your business to succeed you need to take every advantage available to you. When you consider the time saved and the extra sales coming in from CRM software you really can’t afford not to add it to your WooCommerce store. Yes, there are some free options available but don’t be scared to put up a little cash to get all the features you need. It will pay for itself almost immediately. Stay ahead of the curve and you’ll put yourself in a position to succeed for several years to come.

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